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Lily - brings your audience closer to you

We launched our first integration between Ticketmaster and Mailchimp.
Facing new GDPR regulations, 20 customers using Ticketmaster and DX ticketing systems needed help making data transfers compliant with the new regulations. We helped set up these compliant transfers, ensuring legal registration and storage in the process.
SMS was integrated into our services. Our customers were now able to send tens of thousands of text messages through Lily, using their unique connections. We also automated e-mails, freeing up valuable time for our customers and allowing them to focus on other tasks.
We build a new integration with Eventim, and reached 50 customers. With many new features, including tools for streaming concerts and new data collection strategies, helped us move closer to becoming a full fledged CDP.
This year we’ll be launching a new Lily platform with a whole lot of extras. 
We’ll further expand our marketing automation features, as well as other in-demand industry solutions so our customers can grow. 

Trusting good marketers

Do you remember jumping from stone to stone as a child? Do you recall the brief moment when you were in the air, uncertain of which stone your foot would land on?

Your trust in your gut instinct meant that every time, you successfully landed on the next stone.

All marketing experts we've encountered possess these characteristics, and that’s why Lily was specifically designed for you.

Developed from actual needs

Based on the experience we've gained in the last 5 years, Lily has been developed with real consumers and their needs in mind; every feature and piece of content is based on clients’ most common requests.

During the years we’ve spent developing Lily, we’ve been fortunate to meet many incredible people without whom we wouldn’t be here today. Therefore, we can honestly say that Lily was created by our customers for their needs.

We strive for satisfaction

Our products and platform are a wonderful fit if (like us) your top priorities are making your customers happy, using technology effectively to free up your time, and to strive for success while also being a good team player.

The team here at Lily will give you and your organisation all the help you need as you move towards harnessing the valuable data your customers provide.

Continuous development

Of course, we’ll never be entirely “finished” with developing Lily. There’ll always be improvements and modifications.

After all, we believe that everything, no matter how good, can always be made better. Our customers always provide invaluable insights about what more Lily could offer, whether that be another ticket system integration, another functionality, or something totally different. The most important thing is that Lily will constantly improve, thanks to our customers.

Some of our customers

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