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Automate feed/newsletter

Lily automates your newsletters

When you choose Lily to send out your newsletters to your ever-growing list of recipients, you can say farewell to lots of boring and time-consuming tasks.

Lily sends out your newsletters to your contacts — that’s all the people that have given you their marketing consent.

Our talented designers set up a beautiful and effective template as the foundation of your newsletter, using your branding, fonts and logos. We only need to do this once, and then Lily will store your template so that future newsletters look consistent and sophisticated.

Once our designers have done their job, it’s time for you to decide how often you want your newsletter to go out. What time of week works best? Do you have a preferred time of day? We know what works well and what a good newsletter looks like, so you will be in safe hands from the start.

Each day, we perform a data transfer to pull information from your ticket system that becomes content for your newsletter. This means that all the upcoming events or concerts you publish within your ticket system are presented in your automated newsletter. Lily even pulls through pictures, links and other information you have added in the ticket system.

Before we send a newsletter to your audience, it undergoes thorough testing. Nothing gets sent out before you’ve given your seal of approval, and you are happy with how the newsletter looks and reads. Everything is tested, from how each picture displays, to whether each link works so that your readers can easily purchase tickets.

Thanks to Lily, you can stop spending time on designing, writing and all the other thinking that comes with a newsletter. Spend your precious time on something else — we know you have lots of other things to take care of.

Lily makes sure that your newsletter is sent out on schedule every time.

Lily automates premails and customer dialogue

Imagine your audience is full of people who have never visited your venue before. They all have the same questions: How do I get there? Where do I park the car? What about food and drink? Should I eat before I arrive? Is there a café, or a bar, or perhaps a restaurant?

We often hear of customers feeling lost and dissatisfied when they struggle to figure out these important details on their own, so there is real value in keeping them in the loop. Lily can streamline this area of communication for you.

Let our expert designers do their job, and they’ll create an impressive template for your customer communications — just like we do with our automated newsletters.

When your design is ready (or should we say designs — yes, you can have as many different premails as you want!), it's time for you to make some choices...

What we normally find is that sending out a premail 24 hours before an event can be quite effective. Your premail can contain practical information, like the time of your event, perhaps an enticing 10% discount on the restaurant, a link to pre-order items at the bar, or maybe a simple request for the ticket holder to sign up to your newsletter or follow you on social media. It's all about enhancing the experience and creating awareness of your brand!

But there are even more choices you can make with Lily. Maybe you do not want to have the same information going out to all ticket holders. Maybe you have different venues with different things to offer, or maybe you do not want to promote alcohol if it's an event for kids. Lily lets you tailor your content.

You can also choose whether to send out your email before or after the event. Why not give your audience the opportunity to share their feedback, or give them a generous discount on their next purchase? The possibilities are endless!

Might I add, your audience is going to love this kind of direct communication. The overall interaction and reception we are seeing from audiences (in terms of clicks and open rates) are just stunning. Be ready to see numbers you have never seen before.

Drive traffic and upsales

Lily lets you access your customers’ data with a few clicks

Maybe letting an algorithm like Lily run your marketing on automation feels a bit frightening to you.

Trust us — marketing is way easier and more efficient with Lily than if you were to use no tools or systems at all.

Since automation is not for everyone, and we can argue that machines cannot outcompete humans in every situation, we want to make sure that you can confidently harness the data you produce from the ticketing system, on your own.

Using Lily as a platform for multi-channel marketing is something we are seeing more and more of our users do, thanks to the ease of data access.

Let’s imagine tonight's event is postponed or even canceled. You can use Lily to send out both an email and an SMS to your audience, which will minimize the risk of not being able to reach 100% of your audience at short notice.

We also recommend that you start looking at the potential for up-selling, making use of ALL the data that Lily can provide you with.

lily løsning

Following a set of best practices, we can guide you to unlock the potential of your audience data that has never before been available. With Lily, go from reaching 10-20% of all ticket buyers to 60-70%, quickly and easily.

Just request a demo and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Lily -  a premium integration

Lily unlocks the real potential of your customer data

We know that you, like all our customers, hate getting bogged down by data — you care about results. You want to focus on getting as many ticket sales as you can, with as little effort and money spent as possible. Fortunately, we know the answer to that challenge, using the valuable stream of data that you, your ticket buyers and the ticketing system produces. Every single day.

Our talented team can help you unlock the potential of your data without having to dive into databases, algorithms or coding yourself.  

So let's talk about what kind of data Lily can help you to understand, aggregate and put into action, without you having to do any of the dirty work.

It all starts with you, or the person who decides who should be giving a concert, or what play or event should be held at a given time of day. When a contract is signed, you can add all the important information to the ticketing system. You can include the title of the event, the genre, the artist’s name, the date, the ticket prices, the capacity of the event, the location, the venue details, images... etc.

Then, open the ticket sales, and watch as buyers make their purchases. Each ticket buyer will provide plenty more data, such as their name, email address and phone number. They might even add their geographical location, how many tickets they want to buy, and other data points you can specify in the checkout fields.

One more datapoint is of course whether the ticket buyer gives their consent to marketing, which we often call the “king of data”. We handle each set of data differently for yours and your customers’ safety, and make sure that you have access to the right data for the right purpose.

Utilizing all these different data points as the foundation, Lily is now able to create and send your newsletters automatically, or send out premails to ticket holders on a schedule that you determine from various triggers.

Without the high-level data transfer that Lily is capable of, you miss out on a wealth of important and useful customer data. Lily is a premium integration tool that runs data syncs on a schedule from your ticketing system. We have been working on it for more than 5 years, and we’re constantly improving it.

Lily - we are here to help you

No matter how much we want a system to be smart, and for an algorithm to simplify as many tasks as possible, no software is better than the people behind it.

That is why you should know that, when you decide to let Lily become part of your marketing team, you also get some extra (human) hands to help you.

A dedicated customer success partner will make sure that everything is set up as quickly and smoothly as possible.

We’re here to help you every step of the way, from working with you to design your perfect templates, to advising on the best time to send out your automatic newsletter, and how to generate the highest quality data possible.

We also strive to be proactive in terms of giving our customers feedback on a structured basis, to help you enhance the potential of your marketing efforts. We share the best practices we learn from our customers, and promise to always pick up the phone when you call us.  

Together with our customers, we continue to push Lily’s capabilities further  — maybe it’s you who will come up with the next wonderful idea for us to implement on our platform.

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