Mablis Festival

The Mablis Festival is a joyful music festival that takes place each summer in Stavanger, Norway. It is a two-day outdoor music festival held in Vålandsskogen. The festival aims to be an inclusive cultural organizer of entertainment that appeals to all kinds of music lovers. With a primary focus on music genres such as rock, pop and urban they make sure to offer the audience high-quality entertainment. Before Lily Push, they didn't use SMS marketing to promote their upcoming festivals. With our new launch of Lily Push this summer, they were pleasantly surprised by the good response from their customers. Even when the SMS was generated through Lily Push, the communication was personal and human-like.

With Lily Push we were able to personalize our communication and reach out to previous ticket buyers at short notice.

Karoline Kolstø

101 ticket purchases with Lily Push Campaign 

Before Lily teamed up with Mablis, their approach to SMS was non-existent due to skepticism around SMS marketing. However, Lily's arrival marked a significant shift in their marketing tactics. With the introduction of Lily Push, Mablis were able to reach ticket buyers from 2022 at a short notice - except those who already have bought for this year's festival. This capability allowed them to connect with their audience at short notice, sharing important updates, offers, and exciting news about the upcoming Mablis 2023 festival. Impressively, Mablis 2023 received 101 ticket purchases generated with the Lily Push Campaign tool. 

These purchases were directly attributed to the power of two well-targeted SMS messages, highlighting the effectiveness of their revamped approach to marketing. One of the messages that were sent out said that “Happy Wednesday, have you seen the weather forecast? The weekend in Vålandsskogen is going to be magical. Thank you for last year, we hope to see you this year as well. Get your tickets here”, with a link to purchase festival tickets. This was highly effective because it was short and concise, and directly targeted people who attended Mablis the previous year and therefore highly likely to attend again. Another message they sent out with Lily Push informed the attendees about how to change their tickets to wristbands, and bus schedules. 

In essence, Lily's influence on Mablis not only expanded their marketing reach but also demonstrated the significant potential of personalized, real-time communication through SMS and email channels. This shift in strategy allowed Mablis to better connect with their dedicated audience, driving ticket sales and enhancing their overall festival experience.

Team spirit 

Karoline, marketing manager at Mablis Festival, told us that they are incredibly pleased with the results generated with Lily Push, and the number of tickets they managed to sell so close to the event. They also emphasized how seamless the communication and collaboration with Lily has been, and the high commitment towards generating the best results possible. 

Especially taking into consideration how Lily Push was in the early development stages and not yet a complete product offering. Mablis were among the very first customers to test out this application, which can be a challenging experience if things do not go as expected. However, the results showed us otherwise, and proved that this is a tool that our customers can highly benefit from in the future. 

I experience Lily as a genuine collaborator with a high engagement towards reaching the best possible results. The collaboration with Lily has been personal, and we accomplished the results as a team” - Karoline, marketing manager at Mablis.

We in Lily are thankful to have Mablis Festival as one of our customers in Lily and look forward to future collaborations with them!

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Mablis Festival

With Lily Push we were able to personalize our communication and reach out to previous ticket buyers at short notice.

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