Oslo Nye Teater

Oslo Nye Teater has been one of Oslo’s most important theatres since 1929. With four unique stages, they can stage a huge variety of productions, and we love to see everything they come up with. They’ve been our customers here at Lily since 2019, and they’ve achieved great success thanks to the automated communications that we send out about their performances.

How does Oslo Nye reach out in the most efficient way?

Oslo Nye has excellent control over the target group they communicate with. They have 100% confidence in what they have to offer, and they know their existing customers will come back time and again. “We really believe in what we sell, and that people are satisfied when they leave here. Sending out an invitation after they have been here is a great way to create an even better customer experience.”

In average Lily is providing us with an increase of new marketing consents above 1 out of 4 ticket buyers

Magnus Giving

Communicating with existing customers

First of all, they send out automatic emails both before and after the audience attends their performance. In these emails, they provide practical and important information that ticket buyers need before the performance, such as when to arrive, where to store their belongings, and where to buy food and drink. They also take care to give ticket buyers an opportunity to register for marketing communication, so they have the chance to buy tickets for other upcoming performances.

Increased ticket sales

Secondly, they let existing customers know about upcoming performances that they may want to see. Until now, Oslo Nye has done this manually. Magnus sends out newsletters to existing customers regularly and sees great benefits from this. Today, Lily has automated the dispatch. From now on, Magnus won’t have to think about this at all!

It’s all about the clicks

Like all good marketers, Magnus is keen to drive as much traffic as possible to the theatre’s website in the cheapest and most effective way. He has realised that direct marketing is an extremely effective and cost-efficient way of reaching the theatre’s audience.

To increase the number of clicks and make the clicks as cheap as possible. And to increase the number of clicks, you simply send out more points of direct communication. Thanks to Lily, Magnus’ direct communication is automated, and he can focus on other tasks.

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Oslo Nye Teater

In average Lily is providing us with an increase of new marketing consents above 1 out of 4 ticket buyers

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